All current ABCS Inc. financial members are welcome to advertise cattle, semen and embryos for sale on this site.

Please contact info@bazadaisaustralia.com for more details including pricing.

Find breeders in your area: To view a complete list of society members, click here.

Please find a list of embryos below for sale from Faye Tuchtan, Baleze Bazadais, if interested, please put in best offers for the package.

They have said they are at that stage of life and have enough stock, that we have to sell these.

Embryos are in storage with David Morris, at Bass Valley Embryo Services.

  • Baleze Una/Jordy
2 x Gr1
  • Baleze Miss Universe/Jordy
2 x Gr1
  • Baleze Miss Universe/Norbert
6 x Gr1
  • Monique Rouge/Express
2 x Gr1
  • Rossclare Venina/Rossclare Shannon
1 x Gr1
  • Baleze Amalie/Oscar
3 x Gr1
  • Baleze Zinnia/Oscar
4 x Gr1

For further details please contact:
Faye on 0411 732 987 or 03 5678 8366
Grantville, Vic, 3984