Arthur Hiscock of Nioka Bazadais, Kahn Vietheer of Primeiro Bazadais and Francis and Lesley Smith of Rosebay Bazadais all presented cattle for exhibit at Farmfest with Janet Newland of Oaktrees Bazadais and Denis Sandrin of Todds Hill Bazadais assisting with promotion over the three day event.

The Bazadais were scanned for EMA etc and topped each age group they were in. Please see attached result sheets.

Carcase Merit Index – Farmfest

Carcase Merit Index 2 – Farmfest

Carcase Merit Index 3 – Farmfest

The bull Rosebay Glenndale had the largest EMA of all the cattle scanned being 150.5 square centimeters

Nioka Manfred – Winner Carcase Merit Bulls 14-17 months – Farmfest

Rosebay Grand Prix – Winner of Carcase Merit – Bull 27+ months – Farmfest

Nioka Savannah – Winner 18-20 months Junior Female – Farmfest

Rosebay Headliner – Junior Handlers Farmfest

Promotion Team – Farmfest

Rosebay-Glenndale top scan for EMA 150.5 of all cattle at Farmfest

Rosebay Grand Prix, Nioka Manfred & Nioka Savannah -Winners of their age groups.