Northern Australia

Northern Australia Crossbreeding with Bazadais

Bos Indicus better handle tropical and arid environments. Add to that the added advantage of hybrid vigour by crossing Bos Indicus cattle with other breeds.  The question is what breed would provide better beef qualities without losing the ability to handle the conditions. Bazadais is the answer.

Crossing with Bazadais cattle, the northern producer retains the herd’s ability to handle the harsh environment, gains added hybrid vigour and improves the meat producing ability of the herd:

  • a better yielding animal,
  • extra weight gain and an earlier  turn off

By infusing your commercial herd with Bazadais – you’re a step ahead of the rest!  Contact us and we will demonstrate how an infusion of Bazadais into your business can improve your bottom line.

Cross breeding with Bazadais is the answer.