Commercial beef producers are seeking greater efficiency and profitability and one way is to produce more kilograms of beef per hectare. The challenge is to find ways to do this on the same area without compromising quality and impacting detrimentally on pasture and soils.

To achieve this Bazadais is the breed of choice for commercial producers. Infusing your commercial herd with Bazadais will give you that extra lift in weight gain at a earlier turn off age. Extra length and muscling, leads to the Bazadais cross cattle having a higher dressing percentage and a heavier carcase, than most other breeds at the same age. Bazadais’ extra length and muscling, gives Bazadais cross cattle a higher dressing percentage and a heavier carcase, than most other breeds at the same age.

“Get weight gain earlier and a better dressing percentage and you will lift your profits.”

Crossbreeding with Bazadais

Crossing breeding with Bazadais will ensure that you get the benefits of hybrid vigour, and end up with cattle that will handle the harsh conditions, gaining higher meat yields and retaining superior meat qualities.

The Bazadais stamps any breed it is crossed with, passing on sound genetics featuring tremendous length, a fine coat, well developed hindquarter and large eye muscle area.

Commercial beef producers in the harsher northern Australia with high Bos Indicus content are looking to increase the performance of their herds with a better quality carcase without losing hardiness and adaptability. Both large and small commercial enterprises will benefit from the Bazadais breed, for those focused on export markets, and those targeting Southern backgrounding and feedlot markets that normally don’t look favourably at the high Bos Indicus type animals.

In Northern and arid Australia Bazadais cross cattle are:

  • proving equal to any cross breeds
  • showing excellent weight gains
  • being turned off earlier than those crossed with other breeds

In Southern Australia crossing with Bazadais will improve weight gains, carcass yield and dressing percentages. In this market crossbred calves are readily sought after in the vealer market due to their rapid growth and high yields.

By infusing your commercial herd with Bazadais – you’re a step ahead of the rest! Contact us and we will demonstrate how an infusion of Bazadais into your business can improve your bottom line.

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