Keith and Bev Lacey Callide Dawson 2014 Most successful exhibitors

Congratulations to all the exhibitors

The Callide Dawson Carcase Competition presentation was held on Friday night 27th June 2014.

There were 3 exhibitors Keith and Bev Lacey, Eddie and Donna Wales and Alan and Jenette Penney.

The Bazadais cross cattle have once again proven their astounding qualities in all areas from grass feed, grainfed and Grain assisted and live weight gain in the feedlot! With  493 entries which was a record for the competition the Bazadais cross  cattle took out the following classes;

Most Successful Exhibition  – K & B Lacey  

Reserve Champion Steer Carcase – K & B Lacey   (Grassfed)

Champion Grain Fed Heifer Carcase – K & B Lacey  (Grainfed)

Best Liveweight Gain in Feedlot    

Steers – 2nd E & D Wales 

Heifers – 1st E & D Wales

2nd  – Trade steer or Heifer – A & J Penney  

2nd– Single Export Heifer – E & D Wales

1st Pen of Grainfed Steers – E & D Wales

1st Pen of Grainfed Heifers – E & D Wales

1st Single Grainfed Heifer – K & B Lacey

2nd Single Grainfed Heifer – E & D Wales   

1st Single Grain Assisted Steer – K & B Lacey

2nd Single Grain Assisted Steer – K & B Lacey



Some of the ribbons won at Callide Dawson 2014

Callide Dawson 2014 official results