SBTS / TBTS  webinars focusing on genomics and how to assess animal traits. u-tube videos on Bull selection, Fertility, Calving, Carcase traits, Breedplan and EBVs
Bazadais Semen available through this site
Registrar of The Australian Bazadais Cattle Society
Australian Registered Cattle Breeders Association – ABCS is a current member
Excellence Bazadais the French Bazadais Society
British Bazadais Society
French genetic agent for the exportation of French Semen and Embryos to Australia from France
Agri-Gene Pty Ltd is Australia’s largest privately owned leading Artificial Breeding & Merchandise Company based in Wangaratta in North-East of Victoria, Australia. Agri-Gene is an Australian Wide company who Import and Export Bovine Artificial Breeding Semen and Embryo’s for all Beef Breeds to all countries. Bazadais Semen available through this site
Agriculture on the Web – Stack yard is and on-line farming website bringing news, view and comment, Links to farming related websites worldwide and cattle associations.
7 March 2013 Presentation of Bazadaise breed, Excellence Bazadaise in the large ring at the International exhibition of the Agriculture of Paris in 2013…